Song Review: Narsha – Game (ft. Verbal Jint)

What do we have here? A K-pop dance track with a consistent pulse? A rugged electro beat that doesn’t slow or stop even for the pre-chorus?? These shouldn’t be rare features to find in a song, yet Narsha’s Game feels like a time capsule unearthed from a different era.

This shouldn’t be surprising coming from Narsha. Best known for her work with Brown Eyed Girls (the beat here sounds quite similar to their iconic Abracadabra), she released a 2010 mini album promoted by a couple very Lady Gaga-esque tracks. Game  could fit in right alongside that music. This sound dates the the song, but in a fun way. Verbal Jint offers some guest-rapper power but it’s Narsha’s inviting performance that guides us through Game‘s sexy strut. The melodies aren’t strong enough to make this a classic, but its energy is very refreshing.






Grade: B

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