Track Premiere: Apogean – ‘With Which Ear You’ll Listen’

Canadian tech death outfit Apogean are looking to make 2024 their year. Three years after releasing debut EP Into Madness, the Toronto-based band have a retooled lineup featuring former Decrepit Birth live vocalist Mac Smith and new guitarist Jack Post. Their debut album, Cyberstrictive, is scheduled for release in March, with new single “With Which Ear You’ll Listen” streaming below.

“With Which Ear You’ll Listen” is one of the fastest and most flashy songs on Cyberstrictive, combining complex riffs, machine-like blast beats, deathcore-esque chugs and mood-setting interludes under one banner. If you’re a fan of modern technical death metal, there’s a lot to dig into here.

“‘With Which Ear You’ll Listen’ is a mutual favorite of ours from our upcoming album, Cyberstrictive, established as the fastest and most demanding track of the release. This is a homage to the technical death metal influences that helped influence the creation of this project, carving out a special sentimentality for us. With unrelenting tempos and early 2000s death metal influences, this track proves to be the heaviest of the album. Thank you for the continued support, enjoy!”

Cyberstrictive is out on March 8 via The Artisan Era.

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