Video Premiere: Amiensus – “Reverie “

Proggy black metalers Amiensus have rolled out a new song and video, “Reverie” from their forthcoming album, Reclamationout this coming spring via M-Theory Audio.

“‘Reverie’ was one of the first tracks written immediately following the release of our third LP, Abreaction. Following in the footsteps of track two on that album, ‘Divinity,’ we composed the joyous and celebratory companion song ‘Reverie’ as a way to thank our friends and followers for over a decade of support,” explains vocalist and guitarist James Benson. “Lyrically exploring the love of nature, the story concerns following your dreams and obtaining confidence. Of course, we included a longtime friend, and musician, Eric Wing of Morke.”

Benson, also of Chrome Waves fame, collaborates with Chris Piette, the drummer of Ghost Bath, Kelsey Roe and Alec Rozsa on guitar, and Todd Farnham on bass. The song is moody and introspective without losing any of the heaviness we expect from bands that still have “black metal” in their descriptor. If this is any indication of what’s in store on the rest of their forthcoming record, we’re excited to hear more.

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