Track Premiere: Cariosus – “Saturn Returns”

Formed in Chicago in 2014, melodeath duo Cariosus have sharpened their riffs since their first Crime & Punishment EP. Almost a decade into their existence, their debut album now looms on the new year’s horizon. Today they reveal “Saturn Returns,” the second single from their long gestating debut. Saturn has been a recurring symbol and motif in the titles and themes, but this song introduces the band at their most lethal. You don’t have to venture to another planet to listen. Just press play below and make chaos reign before the band releases their LP Will, Until Beauty on January 12th.

The rapid-fire delivery from Alex Pfister (Vocals and bass) brings aggression and energy to the song’s unsettling death churn. On their previous EPs, Cariosus blended in blackened influences, mature lyrical themes, neoclassical leanings, and soulful solos from guitarist Kevin Kryszak. Those components surface in “Saturn Returns” and remain a steadfast part of their sound. But the track also features a violent breakdown that could entice the most wooden deathcore fans to slam dance their way into hell. The song isn’t just an opportunity to expel dark energy in the pit; it’s thematically heavy as well.

“”Saturn Returns” was inspired by the cyclical nature of human experience,” Cariosus explain in a band statement. “It is about looking back on a chapter of one’s life and having to come to terms with the things that one must leave behind – whether that be detrimental behaviors, thought patterns, or even people. Whereas [the album’s first single] “Apollo’s Lament” was the call to grow toward a higher version of oneself, “Saturn Returns” represents the pain that made that growth necessary.”

Press play below and take the narrow path to enlightenment with Cariosus below.

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