Song Review: Jessica Jung – Get It? Got It? Good (ft. Amber Liu)

It feels weird writing a standard “song review” post on the same day as posting my top K-pop songs of the year. Kind of a comedown, honestly! That’s not a dig at Jessica or Amber, who have each been part of my favorite K-pop tracks of all time. It’s kind of interesting seeing a collaboration between two artists who have left SM Entertainment and pursued more global efforts.

As I’ve mentioned before, I’m a sucker for Jessica’s voice. There’s just so much nostalgia behind it. However, I realize this totally depends on when your K-pop fandom first bloomed. Mine just happened to occur at the height of Girls’ Generation’s power.

Get It? Got It? Good‘s performance makes it notable, even if the song is pretty lightweight. Its subdued production and soft melodies don’t draw much attention to themselves, but the sound is pleasant all the way through. A catchier chorus could’ve elevated its appeal, though there are moments of melodic interest that catch my ear. As with so many songs this year, it’s more vibe than anything. But at least this vibe will get your head nodding.






Grade: C

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