Holiday Celebrations Across GTA Online This Week

Ring in the holiday season with a number of different celebrations and discounts in Rockstar Games’ GTA Online this week.

Players can swing by Southern San Andreas Super Autos to grab themselves the New Bravado Dorado SUV. It’s also available on display at the Premium Deluxe Motorsport Showroom

eCola’s Happy Holidays Hauler Truck is getting in the spirit this week as well, dropping GTA$, RP, ammo, and snacks.

Those that log in from now through December 27 can get themselves the new Snowball Launcher. During this same time period, players can also get for themselves the Green Xmas Tree Hat, White Xmas Reindeer Hat, Candy Cane Weapon, and Green Reindeer Beer Hat. From December 28 to January 3, players can also get themselves New Year’s Hats and New Year’s Glasses.

Players can net themselves a sizeable Triple GTA$ and RP on holiday-themed Community Series Jobs, and can also get themselves Double GTA$ and RP on Snowball Fights, Entourage (Festive Remix), and Drift Races. If that’s not enough, players can also secure Double LS Car Meet Reputation in Sprints, Test Rides around the Track, and all Street Race Series events.

When it comes to Entourage (Remix) Bonuses, players will be able to get themselves a skin for the Combat Pistol after completing Entourage (Remix) once. One can also get themselves a skin for the Special Carbine for surviving five matches, and a Heavy Sniper skin for winning while playing as Santa Claus.

Meanwhile, those that uncover the five clues that lead to the Yeti and defeat the mythical creature by January 3 can cop themselves the Yeti Outfit. If one finds and destroys all 25 Snowmen Collectibles, they can get themselves the stylish Snowman Outfit.

For the especially daring among us, those that successfully fight off the Christmas-ruining mugger The Gooch can get the Gooch Outfit. Meanwhile, those that defeat the criminal masterminds in the Weazel Plaza Shootout can get themselves the WM 29 Pistol.

Premium Deluxe Motorsport Showroom Vehicles this week include the aforementioned Bravado Dorado (SUV), Ocelot Ardent (Sports Classic, 40% off), equipped with the limited It’s a Wrap livery, Benefactor Streiter (Sports, 40% off), Vapid Riata (Off-Road, 40% off), and Lampadati Pigalle (Sports Classic, 40% off). Meanwhile, Luxury Autos Showroom Vehicles include the Gallivanter Baller ST (SUV, 30% off) decked out in a limited Festive Stripes livery, and the Albany V-STR (Sports, 30% off).

Outside of that, vehicle discounts this week include 40% off (60% off for GTA+) the Benefactor Streiter (Sports), Lampadati Pigalle (Sports Classic), Ocelot Ardent (Sports Classic), and Vapid Riata (Off-Road), 30% off (50% off for GTA+) the Gallivanter Baller ST (SUV) and Albany V-STR (Sports), 30% off the Buckingham Alpha-Z1 (Plane), and 20% off (for GTA+) the Bravado Dorado (SUV).

Gun Van Discounts this week include 50% off the Heavy Sniper and 35% off the Tactical SMG for GTA+ members. GTA+ Members can also get for themselves the free Declasse Impaler LX (Muscle), Festive Clothing, 1.5X GTA$ on Tow Truck Service Salvage Value, an extra 2X GTA$ and RP on Drift Races.

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Ring in the holiday season with a number of different celebrations and discounts in Rockstar Games’ GTA Online this week.
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