Song Review: Jimin (BTS) – Closer Than This

I wasn’t sure whether to write about Jimin’s Closer Than This or not. These fan songs and nostalgic behind-the-scenes videos skirt the line between “single” and “b-side,” but he seems too big of an artist to ignore.

This style of track tends to follow a familiar template, making it hard to have a strong opinion on it one way or another. If you’re a Jimin devotee, this is going to feel like a very welcome holiday present. Casual fans may not find as much to get excited about — especially compared to the more bombastic material he’s released as singles earlier this year.

Closer Than This is at once subdued and rousing, especially as we reach its clap-along finale. Jimin sounds great on the track, his voice freed from the excessive vocal effects that characterized much of his solo debut. There’s an ease to this sound that matches him well, even if the song never steps out of place enough to become interesting. For those seeking a pleasant groove to put on in the background, Closer Than This will be a solid choice. And every once and awhile — like on the nearly-acapella second verse — the song stops you in your tracks and demands attention.






Grade: C+

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