Song Review: NCT 127 – Be There For Me

It’s become a tradition for at least one SM Entertainment artist to release winter-themed material each year. Sometimes, the whole agency gets in on the fun, but this year it’s NCT 127’s turn to deliver the holiday cheer. Be There For Me is broad enough to work as a “normal” single, but its cozy video makes it perfect for December.

There are no sleigh bells to be found here, but the song’s mid-tempo bounce and brass accents feel festive. Be There For Me‘s strongest asset is its layered vocal performance, which takes advantage of the members’ compelling tones to craft a satisfying texture. A standout bridge further leverages this asset, though it could have done with a couple great power notes. The song itself is not as strong as this execution, waffling between forgettable rap verses and melodies that don’t quite capture the upbeat swing a track like this requires.

The song will certainly make my (quite extensive) K-pop winter playlist, but it won’t be a centerpiece. However, this time of year is known for its extensive side dishes and I’m sure Be There For Me will be someone’s holiday highlight of choice.






Grade: C

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