Full Album Stream: Karkosa – “Esoterrorcult”

You ever hear an album and immediately think, “Now that’s fire”? That’s what I thought the very moment I hit play on “Encorcelled Spirits” by Indiana-based black metal outfit Karkosa. And the name of that song is fitting, seeing as the band’s music strikes me as a blend of Anthems-era Emperor and various technical death metal bands (Origin came to mind right away), along with an array of other bands. It’s a style that allows for mesmerizing melodies and crushing brutality in equal measure. Decibel is therefore proud to present the band’s upcoming album, Esoterrorcult, in its full blasphemous glory.

According to the band:

“This work is about the archetypes and energies that live and breathe within our subconscious. As the album unfolds, these archetypes and energies intertwine within riddle and allegory, to leave the user with much to revisit and comprehend. Put your energies into these works and Esoterrorcult will unlock into you.”

Stream the album below, Esoterrorcult comes out this Friday via Redefining Darkness Records.

<ahref=”https://karkosa.bandcamp.com/album/esoterrorcult(https://karkosa.bandcamp.com/album/esoterrorcult)”>Esoterrorcult by Karkosa

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