Song Review: X:IN – My Idol

Sometimes you have to wonder how a song even finds its way out of the recording studio. X:IN are not from a big agency, so there probably aren’t a ton of checks and balances when it comes to A&R, but someone still had to give the green light to My Idol. Sure, the song’s intentions are sweet, paying homage to the luminaries who have paved the way for X:IN to release… this. However, some gifts are better left unsent.

My Idol‘s chorus is audacious in its absurdity. The group rattle off a list of their own idols, shouting their names over a gurgling EDM-trap beat and ghastly vocal loop that sound more like emergency sirens than music. It would be sweet if it wasn’t so grating, but the song comes across as the Rebecca Black of K-pop. Maybe it’ll lead to some level of virality that will provide a springboard for future activities?






Grade: F

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