Song Review: J.Y. Park, Stray Kids, ITZY & NMIXX – Like Magic

The JYP family has joined forces for a song advertising Coca-Cola because… why not? Patriarch J.Y. Park has written a real Frankenstein of a track that somehow fails to utilize any of the artists’ skills while digital artists work overtime to jarringly place them within expensive, virtual reality landscapes.

None of this makes me thirsty for Coca-Cola, which has to be a fail on some level. Instead, Like Magic has me wondering how its various segments fit together. Parts are drum-and-bass inflected while others have a more measured stomp. And then, there’s that weirdly empty drop chorus. This segment lands like a turd, for lack of a more eloquent descriptor. Or to put it in soft drink terms, it’s that moment you open a can only to realize it’s been depressurized and the contents have gone totally flat. Bummer.

There are moments within Like Magic that show promise. The layered post-chorus feels like the basis for a completely different (much better) track, while J.Y. Park’s overwrought bridge brings a welcome sense of drama. But much of the song feels strangely off-key, as if it’s trying to force together clashing voices and production flourishes. Twice were wise to stay out of this one.






Grade: C

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