Song Review: Moonbyul (Mamamoo) – Touchin&Movin

Moonbyul’s pre-release Think About was a very nice surprise, reinventing her as a funky pop diva with the frothy melodies to make it stick. With Touchin&Movin — the title track of her first full album — she’s further deepened this sound and crafted a real gem.

I’ve never been a huge fan of Mamamoo’s solo efforts, but Touchin&Movin easily turns that around. It feels like the Seventeen funk workout we’ve been missing since 2016’s Very Nice. The song bounds with ebullient energy, simply constructed but stuffed with musical goodies that give it a thrilling sense of spontaneity. I love all the instrumental quirks that pepper the verses. Flourishes of guitar and brass add unexpected exclamation marks to the song without upending its momentum.

Freed from being “Mamamoo’s rapper,” Moonbyul makes a convincing ringleader for this musical carnival. Her confident vocal enhances the track without devolving into pastiche. She even gets a key change moment toward the end! I had none of this on my 2024 K-pop Bingo Card, but Touchin&Movin does the rarest of things in K-pop: It totally reinvents the way I think about an artist. I guess strong melody, jubilant production and an earnest performance will do that.






Grade: A-

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