Song Review: TRI.BE – Diamond

TRI.BE have the distinction of being backed by legendary producer Shinsadong Tiger, who has written more than his fair share of classic K-pop tracks. But thus far, they’ve struggled to deliver classics themselves, largely playing on trends without fully embracing a signature sound that gives them their own musical perspective.

New single Diamond arrives almost exactly one year from their previous comeback, the catchy We Are Young. This time, the group brings the energy down for a more subdued take on the percussive sound of their 2021 debut. A thumping beat underlines what might otherwise be a sentimental fan song. The vocal performance has a nice, unaffected heft. It’s pleasant to hear the ladies sing in this register, and they’re given equally pleasant melodies to work with. The structure is a bit repetitive, especially when the song moves into its chorus.

I don’t think Diamond will move the needle on TRI.BE’s trajectory, but it’s a hard song to dislike. There’s a pleasant sense of uplift across its entire running time, free from the kind of jarring transitions that often upend the flow of K-pop tracks. It’s a bit too modest to elicit sparks, but works as an enjoyable palette cleanser between more bombastic offerings.






Grade: B-

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