Song Review: Bibi – Sugar Rush

The line between “idol” and “artist” can be pretty thin, especially when artists start enlisting idols to feature in their music videos. I’ve never written about a solo BiBi song before, but given her ascent to the top of the digital charts it’s probably time I started paying more attention.

New single Sugar Rush will be most notable to idol fans thanks to its video’s guest stars — (G)I-DLE’s Soyeon & Choi Yena. But even without that extra push, the song isn’t dissimilar from recent idol efforts. Its sparse hip-hop beat and attitude-forward delivery feels like the older, weirder sister of IVE’s Baddie. BiBi’s idiosyncratic tone gives the track immediate character, echoing the quirkiness of the instrumental.

It’s a catchy brew, though I’m not sure how the song’s repetition will age. It feels like Sugar Rush needs an extra musical idea — maybe a contrasting chorus or bridge. As it stands, once you’ve heard the first thirty seconds you’ve basically heard the entire track. But in today’s SNS-obsessed world, thirty seconds will probably be enough and BiBi’s charismatic vocal ensures you’ll never be bored.






Grade: C+

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