Album Premiere: Cuntroaches – Self-Titled

Cuntroaches are dropping a delightfully self-titled album tomorrow via Skin Graft Records, but you can get ahead of the curve and stream it with us here first.

Cuntroaches is inspired by witches who do not know how to summon stuff (unable to take care of themselves), stretched out labyrinthine toilets with knotted septic pipes (conducting bigger businesses not recommended) and the love for our pet dog and cats, resulting in an eight-track release of brutal metal sound infused with unsanitary noise,” the band cryptically say.

Cuntroaches by CUNTROACHES

The record runs the gauntlet of sounds, from layered soundscapes to brutal beats that keep things weird. Fun fact, the horn sounds on the intro to “Gravity System” were actually produced using septic pipes that the drummer ripped out during a renovation. It also contains multituddes when it comes to the influences, from noise and punk to black metal. You can’t get much more DIY than that. This is a weird one and not for the faint of heart (or of a stomach, there seems to be a lot of toilet imagery going on), but it’s definitely worth a listen.

1. Borborygmus
2. Ill
3. Gordian Knot
4. Erbium:YAG
5. Gravity System
6. I Can (Still) Tell You’re (Scum)
7. Red Velvet Rose
8.Inside Me

VERDICT: The 12″ fruit of Cuntroaches’ foul womb exhales a musty sound experience for pet owners!

Preorder the album here. 

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