Song Review: A.C.E – My Girl

Though they’ve delivered a few pre-release songs, we haven’t had a title track from A.C.E since 2021. The group still isn’t quite whole for new single My Girl, but with Kang Yuchan (Chan) recently coming back from military service, the days of five-member promotions seem just around the corner.

As far as long-awaited comebacks go, the breezy My Girl is an understated choice. It’s an easy-listening pop track, thriving on toe-tapping percussion, airy vocals and amiable melodies that play things straight down the middle. It’s a hard song to dislike, but doesn’t offer enough personality or ambition to love. To me, A.C.E’s best music has been all about ambition. From their early hardstyle days to their crazy rock-pop hybrids, the guys have traversed a wide range of genres. It’s disappointing to hear their sound so neutered, even if My Girl is a pleasant listen.

More than anything, this track makes me wonder where A.C.E will go from here. Freed from the constraints of military enlistment hiatuses, they have an opportunity to embark on an exciting series of releases. Hopefully, My Girl is simply the sound of them getting their groove back.






Grade: C+

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