Song Review: IU – Shh.. (ft. Hyein, Joe Wonsun & Patti Kim)

With so many music videos tied to her new project, IU’s The Winning is turning into a veritable visual album. She certainly has the cachet to support such aggressive promotion, and so far her output has run the musical gamut. The bluesy Shh.. continues expanding the variety.

Featuring a trio of guest artists from three different generations, the song’s star power is more notable than the song itself. It’s definitely more niche than many of her singles, but will draw in a wide swath of fans, from admirers of NewJeans’ Hyein to longtime listeners of the venerated Patti Kim (though her portion is only a spoken narration). As a celebration of Korean music past and present, it’s an exciting prospect. This star power deserves equally engaging music, and though Shh.. has a strong emotional core the melodies feel a little rote. At times, it almost comes across like blues-by-the-numbers. Fortunately, strong performances elevate the material and make this a worthy addition to a solid comeback album.






Grade: C

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