Song Review: Astro – Circles

Astro haven’t released a single or album since the passing of member Moonbin last April. Any new music would surely be laced with an undertone of sadness, and that’s completely natural. But for a group who built their name on upbeat bubblegum pop, it’s almost hard to imagine their music taking on a mournful tone.

Circles celebrates Astro’s debut anniversary, though ex-member Rocky is not involved. Their classic Hide & Seek released eight (!) years ago, and re-watching that youthful blast of a video today is intensely nostalgic. Circles rekindles the sound of Astro ballads from that era, but without the melodic heft or soaring climaxes that made them so satisfying. I don’t think producers Iggy & Youngbae even work together anymore, but a reunion on a new Astro single would have been a total dream. Some producer/artist matches are simply made in heaven. Circles is suitably pensive and quite heartwarming, but I encourage you to go back to their debut year to celebrate this milestone. You really can’t go wrong with Astro in 2016 or 2017.






Grade: C+

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