Song Review: Twice – One Spark

Twice continued their winning streak with the feel-good, synth-fueled I Got You earlier this month. That song acted as a pre-release for both One Spark and the accompanying album With YOU-th. The two songs share a sense of uplift, anchored by glossy pop melodies and a confident performance.

For whatever reason, K-pop’s pre-release tracks often have a higher batting average than title tracks. I guess agencies want to put their best foot forward, though the extra promotions afforded to title tracks beg for the best of the best. One Spark may not be “the best,” but it’s perfectly solid. It manages to tick off many current trends while simultaneously bending them to Twice’s will. There’s a nice mix of restraint and bombast that keeps things engaging throughout (except for the misguided, ultra-predictable post-chorus energy lull…). Bright synth textures punctuate nimble percussion while evocative backing vocals swirl behind the pre-choruses. By the time we reach One Spark‘s rousing, clap-along finale, the song has really cemented itself.

However, I still think I Got You takes the crown. This is largely due to One Spark‘s chorus. I’m not sure how I feel about it. The hooks come across as a little one-note, with too many “burnin’s” and not enough fire. The arrangement is sprightly enough to compensate for this repetition, but I would have loved to hear a more dynamic top line. Overall, the song comes across as mid-range Twice, which is nothing to sneeze at. They’ve mastered this frothy pop sound.






Grade: B

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