Track Premiere: Coaster – “What You’re Doing to Me”

Before Coaster formed, Bart Appel and Paul Djikman’s friendship formed over a mutual love of classic slowcore bands like Low, Duster, and Red House Painters. That love shines through in Coaster’s music; previous singles fall squarely in line with that legacy of timid, aching music. The band’s new single, “What You’re Doing to Me,” is another beautiful entry in the canon.

The song began as a simple acoustic ditty, but as the duo began playing live, they made it bigger, noisier, fuller. It’s a gorgeous track, one of the band’s best. Like the previous two singles, it’ll appear on their upcoming LP Painted Faces. It’s the penultimate track–and a lovely climax. Check out “What You’re Doing to Me” below.

What You’re Doing to Me by Coaster

Painted Faces is out April 5th.

Zac Djamoos | @gr8whitebison

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