Song Review: Tempest – Baddest Behavior

Tempest have a new comeback on the horizon, and I’m confident it’ll be good. This confidence comes from math. For whatever reason, the group seems to alternate between songs I love and songs I loath. I’ve cracked the pattern, and after last September’s awful Vroom Vroom we’re in for a Can’t Stop Shining style hit! Before then, we must mire through this Japanese debut, which takes all the wrong cues from their discography.

Baddest Behavior is obnoxious shouting over equally obnoxious production. It falls neatly into this specific boy group niche and I happen to be quite exhausted by it. It’s time to turn the musical page, and I feel like that change is actually (finally!) happening in K-pop.

I’ll take Baddest Behavior‘s vocal-centric pre-chorus and brief, brassy interlude. Everything else can go right to the scrap heap. Its cacophonous instrumental already sounds like it belongs there.






Grade: D

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