Song Review: CRAVITY – Love Or Die

Someone needs to study how CRAVITY went from the likes of My Turn and Flame to one of the most consistent runs of any current boy group. It’s a big turnaround and a testament to what can happen when an agency invests in great songs. New single Love Or Die continues and expands upon this streak, giving the guys an anthemic rock centerpiece.

When it comes to pop music, I’m really quite simple. I don’t need anything too fancy as long as a song leverages the most basic tenets of a great banger. I tend to love when music kicks off at full energy and never lets up. Love Or Die has this driving intensity, resisting the urge to build slowly through emotive (but time-killing) verses. Instead, the instrumental bursts out full throttle from the very first second. With a sub 3-minute running time, there’s no space to waste. Love Or Die is taut and focused, sweeping the listener off their feet and never letting go.

The song’s rock-infused instrumental reminds me of Golden Child’s excellent Feel Me from last year. CRAVITY’s vocals aren’t as distinct and there’s some tinny percussion throughout the track that should have been switched for something more robust, but the sense of release is very similar. And even at such a short running time, the track feels complete. The arrangement minimizes empty space, which allows Love Or Die to sneak in a bridge and several rap verses. All that’s missing is a beefed up climax.






Grade: A-

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