Song Review: PLAVE – Way 4 Luv

I’ve been asked several times to cover PLAVE songs on the blog. I try not to write about “virtual” groups since it feels like opening a can of worms I’m not yet ready for, but PLAVE have become surprising popular. I can’t say I totally get it, but there are lots of things in this world I don’t get so that’s totally fine!

What matters most — as always — is the music. As long as the song is great, a pineapple could sing it to me for all I care. PLAVE’s genre focus surprises me. It would be so easy and expected for them to go down the hard, aggressive NCT route. Instead, they opt for something closer to soft rock. This has clearly struck a chord with listeners, and a song like Way 4 Luv is relentlessly pleasant. It doesn’t do anything I can’t already get from a non-virtual group, but the track’s hazy, melodic sound goes down easy.

If I’m going to nitpick, Way 4 Luv lacks one unique punch that might help it stand on its own. The melodies and production are both solid, but unspectacular and unsurprising. The song feels more like a nice b-side than a standout title track. On the plus side, the vocalists behind this project are quite strong. I love the grit in their tones. It matches this rock sound very well.






Grade: C+

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