Song Review: Bobby (iKON) – Harmless (ft. Chanmina)

iKON’s Bobby has returned with his third album and a dramatic new hairstyle. He’s also paired with Japanese artist Chanmina, trading blows over the banging Harmless. The song brings him back toward cathartic, confrontational hip-hop.

Bobby has always pulled off this style well, and Harmless‘s electronic edge has plenty of potential. Its rugged bass immediately reminded me of 90’s K-pop classics, but the song also infuses itself with a driving electro energy during its strongest moments. I probably would’ve enjoyed the song more if it leaned heavily into this EDM sound, since its overall vibe isn’t really my thing without fascinating production to back it up. Kudos to Bobby for sticking to his guns and continuing to release idiosyncratic music, though.






Grade: C

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