Song Review: NCT Wish – Wish

Before NCT’s “infinite” expansion comes to an end, the project has one more debut to unveil. NCT Wish is their first Japanese unit, though their track Wish has been released simultaneously in Korean. The immediate success of RIIZE has proven a hunger for SM Entertainment boy groups unencumbered from the NCT umbrella, but the brand remains strong.

My main issue with NCT is that the music has become so interchangeable between units. I can imagine exactly how an NCT song sounds and, more often than not, the final product matches that vision to a tee. NCT Wish has a brighter appeal than many of the units, which makes sense given their young age. But this doesn’t mean we’re heading back to the candy-coated halcyon days of debut-era NCT Dream. Wish has its melodic moments, but it’s just as often delivering the shouted chants we’re used to from NCT-style tracks.

The song is at its best when layering the guys’ voices in classic SM style over groovy hooks and brassy funk production. The chorus takes advantage of this tried-and-true formula, though the melodies don’t quite hit for me. For a dance track, Wish has a slightly reserved energy. Its beat bops consistently, but I keep expecting it to bound into something more daring. Its most bombastic moments are its “We are NCT Wish!” chants, which are unfortunately its most irritating parts as well.






Grade: C+

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