Song Review: Nomad – No Pressure

2024 is still young, but we’ve already seen many new debuts. So far, most of these have been boy groups, and Nomad are here to stake their claim within that arena. Their music takes a more hip-hop/R&B route, backed by notable producers within the genre. Their album boasts songs from big names like Tha Aristocratz and ChaCha Malone, but No Pressure takes a team approach to composition.

There’s something charming about a straightforward groove like No Pressure. The song is unencumbered by the need to go all out, choosing instead to give the guys a simple beat and memorable hook. Your enjoyment of the song will greatly hinge on how you feel about its “no pressure, no diamonds” chorus. This hook is repeated often and forms the driving force for the song. I find it a little cloying after awhile and there’s not enough beyond that to draw me in. However, I’m curious how Nomad will expand upon this sound for future releases.






Grade: C

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