Save This Chic Waterfront Stay For Your Next Trip To Sydney

Save This Chic Waterfront Stay For Your Next Trip To Sydney


by Christina Karras

ISLA is a newly opened accommodation in Sydney. Cushions by Jardan. Bar cart from DOMO. Orange stool from District.


The house enjoys uninterrupted views of the ocean.

The living room opens to a deck and pool area complete with a pizza oven!

Vessel and dish by Hana Vasak, from Michael Reid Clay. Bowl from Garden Life. Cushions by Jardan.

The inviting living room. Lounge chair from District. Timber stool and chair from The Vault. Stone tables from DOMO. White bowl by Objects of Virtue. Throw by Cillie. Green bowl from Garden Life.


Pops of blue and green in the interiors anchor the home’s connection to nature.

The bar area and record player. Cushion by Jardan. Orange vessel by Objects of Virtue. Lamp from Stylecraft. Top shelf: ‘Nellivale’ jug by’ Cathy McMichael, from Michael Reid Clay. Plant from Garden Life. Middle: Mint Embroidered Vase by Elizabeth Lewis, from Michael Reid Clay. Small vessel by Hana Vasak. Bottom: ‘Left in Venice’ artwork by Richard Whadcock, from Studio Gallery.

The warm kitchen. ‘ Cerro De San Pedro 17’ sculpture by Beanie Aldrett Fleming, from Michael Reid Clay. Vintage tin and magazine from Pop up Paddy.

Lounge chair from District. Green bowl from Garden Life. Vase on table from Gaetano Pesce. Small vessel by Hana Vasak.

Timber chair from The Vault. Stool from 506070. Coffee tables from Rachel Donath. Throw by Cillie. Floor lamp from Stylecraft. Chrome egg from Fourth Street. ‘Zephyrus’ sculpture by Caroline Duffy, from Curatorial & Co. ‘Shapes of the Mind VII’ by Lucas Wearne, from Curatorial & Co. Chess board from Eastwing Studio. Blue vessel on side board by Sophie Nolan, from Michael Reid Clay.

Armchair from The Vault. Tea cup from Pop Up Paddy. Rug by Cadry’s. Bed linen by Cultiver.

Side table and bench from The Vault. Bed linen and cushion by Cultiver. Lamp from Stylecraft. Rug by Cadry’s.

Bed linen and cushion by Cultiver. Artwork by Eastwing Studio. Side table from The Vault. Sculpture by Morgan Stokes, from Curatorial & Co.

Having lived all over the eastern beaches, Andrew and Alison Campion say South Coogee is one of Sydney’s last great secrets.

‘There are underexplored coastal walks, hidden ocean pools, epic panoramas and acres of parkland,’ Andrew says. ‘Wiley’s Baths is perhaps well known, but it’s about as close as you can get to a Mediterranean ocean pool in Australia.’

That’s why they’ve just opened up a new clifftop getaway called ISLA (right next door to their personal family home) that allows visitors to experience a little bit of South Coogee’s magic.

It took them about six months to renovate the four-bedroom house, overhauling its awkward late-noughties interiors with the help of interior designer STUDIO LIU.

‘We felt it needed to be more sympathetic to the ocean and natural surrounds, not in that tired “coastal” style, but as something more adventurous, more meaningful.’

For inspiration in the redesign, Andrew and Alison were keen to capture the simplicity of Mediterranean aesthetics to frame the house’s incredible waterfront views. The textural interiors have a bit of South American flair, with a mosaic of clay, terracotta, and glossy brown hues across that reference the region’s spectacular salt flats.

Plus, they drew from the oceanic-themed work of Archibald-prize winner Brett Whiteley. The late artist’s intricate linework influenced the house’s organic-shaped furniture, with designer pieces like the Togo sofa and mid-century Italian bar stools. The house’s calming deep blue palette and reflective surfaces also echo the panoramic views of the ocean and out towards Bondi.

‘The undulation of this area brings back memories of Positano and the Caldera in Santorini. But there’s an undeniable Australian-ness to it all,’ Andrew adds

‘There are no TVs here. We wanted ISLA to be an idyllic sanctuary where guests could experience the soothing power of water, tune in to their senses, and even rekindle a passion for discovery.’

The secluded house is a sanctuary with luxurious touches like a record player, pizza oven, and even a pool. Plus, with enough room to sleep up to 10 people, so round up your friends and start planing your next trip to Sydney!

Book a stay at ISLA here.

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