Song Review: Dreamcatcher – Justice

Though Dreamcatcher have experimented with various genres, their core rock sound has remained intact across the past seven years. Overall quality may ebb and flow depending on the track, but you pretty much know what you’re in for when you press play on a new single. Justice leverages many of their greatest strengths, offering a blast of anthemic energy that feels like an anime battle forged into musical form.

I was immediately struck by Justice‘s stomping percussion. This particular rhythm isn’t something I associate with the group and sets the song apart in a good way. A “We Will Rock You” comparison is probably too obvious, but I instinctively wanted to clap along like an idiot the moment the instrumental kicked in. This production is especially effective during the standout pre-chorus, which harnesses the song’s strongest melody alongside crunchy guitar.

Justice‘s rising tension comes to a head during its cathartic chorus. Melodically, this segment is very simple, leaving the guitar to do the more complex work. I love how the song bursts open here, but I’m not as won over by the stuttering vocal effect. It’s strange hearing a power note chopped into pieces and doesn’t quite work for this particular song. This approach lessens as Justice goes on and I’m confident repeat listens will smooth it over. Apart from that slight concern, this feels like Dreamcatcher’s most exciting comeback in awhile. It succeeds by honoring their musical past while keeping one eye on the future.






Grade: B

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